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Staying Busy At Home

So, a lot has changed since last we ”talked”. Now that we’re all stuck at home, many people are starting to feel a bit stir crazy. While it seems like being forced to stay home is an author’s dream, I have found myself diversifying my interests and at-home activities, to keep the time moving faster.

Although I have been writing again, there’s also been time spend with my family: Watching movies, etc.. the usual stuff. Our typical shows are on (The Walking Dead, WestWorld) and we’ve found some new gems as well (I’m Not Ok With This - Netflix, Amazing Stories - Apple TV+). The former being great. The latter being entertaining.

I’ve also been working on our weekly Podcast (It’s All Fine and Danjee), reading (The Tommyknockers by Stephen King - again), and staying productive with my day-job (more busy now that ever, and I’m quite thankful for this, as I see others losing work due to these strange times).

I hope all of you are doing well, staying home, and helping all of us to get past this as soon as we can.

In the meantime, try to keep your mind and body as busy as possible. Although it could be argued that I’m not one to ever really slow down, I do believe that it’s time to reset ourselves. Focus on what matters most to you...

...and remember that, when things go back to normal.

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