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~ Momentum

~ Ok, so I’m not writing another post entirely about sales, but I did want to share that my initial sales have been great, and I’m so thankful. Although they continue to remain steady, they aren’t as high as launch and my editor tells me that this is normal, until more reviews start coming in. We’re also planning a book signing event at this very cool, eclectic coffee shop/bar in Winter Park, Florida. I’m holding off on all the details until I get confirmation of everything from the owner, but it’s going to be very cool – and NOT your typical book signing event. More info soon! I’ve got a few other plans for getting my name out there, and it’s all very exciting. I’m five chapters into writing my second novel, Lies That Bind, and I’m certainly not at a loss for content (I cannot image what writer’s block feels like, thank goodness). Having said all of this, balancing the momentum of these things seems like it should require some sort of a system or outlined plan to. After all, I do still like to read, and paint, and I have a few other interests as well. Like everyone, I’ve got limited time outside of my day job, other work, family, etc. and I have to use it wisely to keep that momentum moving on all fronts.

The reality is (for me at least), aside from scheduling a few weekly reminders, there really isn’t a need to have a mapped out plan for doing what you love. Anything we have true passion for will find it’s way. Think of it like this: If you like sports, do you ever forget to play/watch them? No. If you're into running, do you ever forget to run? No. The things we forget to do aren’t typically the things we have true passion for. And really, that's pretty telling. If you find that you're continuously forgetting to keep up with things, they probably aren't things you truly have a passion for anyway. At least, that's my experience. With that, I continue to write; continue to sell (forgive the seemingly random Facebook ads, I’m still learning); continue to read (The Girl on The Train by Paula Hawkins is brilliant, by the way); continue to spend time with my girl Anjee and my kids (my daughter so thoughtfully posted a YouTube video infomercial on my book HERE, without my even knowing); continue to chase my dreams, and to do all the things I have a true passion for. Here’s to you hoping that you're doing the same! Cheers!

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