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"You're strange. I respect it."

~ I've noticed a little bit of a trend in some of my blog updates. My intention with this blog was always to talk about stories, which ... I suppose... does include television shows. Although I really don't watch much TV, I've found another show that's good ...maybe even great.

I'd like to talk more about books, but I do struggle lately (constantly) in finding a book that hooks me. I'm currently reading both "Becoming Steve Jobs" and re-reading "Nightmares and Dreamscapes" (now a classic). Both of these are good, but I've not really been grabbed by either of them, like some books have a way of doing.

But I did find a show... Netflix's has a new Series called The OA, and it's one of those stories that makes you really think. Like... deeply, about life and the afterlife, mental disorders, imprisonment, perception vs. reality, the struggle to fit in, faith, science, and... whew! The OA covers such a wide range of subjects in a cohesive and linear story, and begins and ends (or does it?) within the one season. Each person that watches the whole season will likely have a different description of what it was ultimately about (the sign of a good story, in my opinion). To me, it was about the struggle to fit in, how broken our society really is, and what the true connection of friendship means. This show is different than anything I've seen before. It drives conversation in between episodes, and even more so after the season concludes.

The OA is filled with interesting philosophies and one liners. Though nothing at all like Fight Club in story or structure, it did remind me of Tyler Durden a few times with quotes like "It's not really a measure of mental health to be well adjusted in a society that is very sick".

If you're like me, and you struggle to find stories that seem to have enough simultaneous substance, action and plot twists, then give this one a try. Oh, and let me know if you like it. Until next time, Happy Reading/Watching/Listening!

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