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Writing The Lies

~ First, I wanted to take a moment to again thank all of you that came to my book signing on July 22nd. We had a great turnout and I really can't describe how much I appreciate everyone's support and also all of the compliments on the book. If I didn't get a chance to hang out with you and chat, I sincerely apologize. It did get busy and as I went to meet with some friends, I'd noticed they had already left. I've also noticed that my online sales have had an uptick following the book signing, so I see that you guys are also talking about it. Again, thank you so much for that.

One more note here: I've added some of you by getting your email from the Kindle Fire contest entry (I'll be giving away another Kindle Fire soon, BTW). If you'd prefer to not be on this email list, please unsubscribe by hitting the link at the bottom of the email you received. Ok, so what's happening now? I've finally been able to hunker down and get back to writing my next book, Lies The Bind (dropping the "The"). This story is about a family pursued by a madman over the course of many years. It’s about this family’s bond, their secrets, and the lengths they’ll go to save each other. I'm surely biased, but I am especially pumped for this one as the story isn't anything like one I've read or seen before, and it'll certainly keep you on edge. I'm about six chapters in (barring any re-writes, and there are ALWAYS re-writes). I'm excited to write it and I'm especially thrilled to share it with all of you. I have to warn you though, there are some pretty dark spots, so it's not for the faint of heart. ;) So, I've decided to post a preview from it. Check it out! (and I'd love to hear what you think about this or In The Dark, so drop a comment or email me at if you feel inclined). Until next week... Cheers! Lies That Bind tells the story of a family pursued by a madman over the course of many years. It’s about this family’s bond, their secrets, and the lengths they’ll go to, to save each other. Lies That Bind - Preview:"...running full speed through a dense forest, dodging limbs and branches from every direction. A light snow begins to fall, making the ground more slippery with every step. I look back over my shoulder and notice that my mom has started to fall behind. Turning back, I see the man in the pink sunglasses come up over the ridge, directly behind her. His arms stretched out in front of him, a sinister smile spreads out across his face like a cancer. I run back to her, but the ground is suddenly knee deep with ash colored leaves, and I'm stuck in them, like quicksand. I fight to run, even walk, but my movements are sluggish and restricted. He makes a guttural, growling sound and I'm drawn to look into his eyes. Somehow, through his sunglasses, I can see them. Those eyes, filled with red blood and black hate. He lurches forward and grabs my mom by her hair, pulling her down hard to the damp ground and dragging her backwards through the mud. Her face is splashed with dirt and tears as she flails her arms above her head, trying to stop him. I break free and run to her, across a field of more leaves. But, I slip and fall face first, down into a pile of the leaves …and I keep falling, further and further until ...I land with a wet smack onto a cold, hard surface. Darkness takes me. Waking to find myself in a dimly lit chamber made of old stone and wood, I draw a slow, deep breath of the stale, cool air. Ashen leaves lay all around me in scattered piles. A reminder of my fall. Moving to rise, I'm stopped by iron chains, anchoring my wrists to a moss covered, wet stone in the wall. I'm trapped here. Looking around, I see the flicker of a dying torch, revealing that I'm in a sort of dungeon. I hear nothing but the distant sound of footsteps, softer and softer, getting further and further away. The growing silence interrupted only by the faint sound of water, ever so slowly dripping into a distant puddle.But it's not water I hear.Here, in the dark… in the company of cobwebs and rats and shapeless things that move in the shadows, I see them. Gently swaying on shiny metal hooks, riding the very edge of the torchlight, ever so slowly drip, drip, dripping onto the cold stones of the dungeon floor."

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