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Wait, Did They Die In Book One?

As I continue to write the first story in a three part series, I'm struck with the challenges of mapping out all the character arcs and story continuity issues. Don't get me wrong, I quite like the process. But it is certainly more complex that doing so for one story.

See, this will be my first story that is told over the course of multiple books. Although 'In The Dark' and 'Lies That Bind' bear similarly stylized book covers, the stories are not related.

For each of the three parts of this new series, I want to make sure there is a sense of closure or completion as you reach the end. Meaning, I don't want to abandon the characters in a strange part of the story just so that I can end the book (like Frodo and the gang, at the end of The Fellowship Of The Ring). I'm not picking on Tolkien, as he is one of my childhood favorites (and The Lord Of The Rings was initially meant to be one book anyway).

In any case, I'm proceeding with the first story in the series. This will technically be considered a "techno-thriller", at least, as much as I understand that genre, anyway.

I'm still a bit far off from a first draft, but I'm plugging away at it.... using my own set of cheat sheets to track the story. As always, it'll have a big twist. But this time, one at the end of each book in the series. My challenge? To make sure you never see it coming.

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