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The Glorious Obsession

~ As I’ve stated in other posts, I wanted to write a book many years before I actually did. Writing ‘In The Dark’ was a very gratifying feeling, but it was also a huge learning experience. I learned about editing, and re-editing, and completely re-writing, publishing, marketing, and... the list goes on.

But, one of the biggest things I learned about was the phases of writing a story. I have a regular day job, and sometimes I work evenings. I have two wonderful kids, an amazing significant other, a close family, etc. All of these are blessings, but they also take time and sometimes, lots of it.

Throughout the phases of writing that first book, I felt like I was just sort of winging it, in terms of my own mental process. At the beginning, I made sure to take a little time every day to write. Then, later in the story, I found myself writing maybe once a week, sometimes even less. Again, this wasn’t writers’ block. But rather, trouble finding time. But the most interesting part of the writing process back then was when I was about 3/4 of the way through the story. I then became almost obsessed with writing. Jamming it in everywhere, and even sitting out by the pool, on vacation (beside those three people I take with me everywhere) and writing on my iPad. That’s when things really start flowing, faster and better than before. That’s the phase I’m referring to as The Glorious Obsession.

Now that I am over half way through Lies That Bind, I’m realizing that I’ve gone through these same phases again. An enthusiastic start, a slow period, etc. I’ve struggled to find time, and even neglected weeks at a time - barely writing. But recently, I discovered something.I’m in The Glorious Obsession again.

On that note, I have to go write...Stay Tuned!

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