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The Evolution Of Lies

~ As the storyline of my new fictional novel (Lies That Bind) is progressing, I've become more comfortable with the natural evolution of the writing process. This might sound crazy to those that don't write, but it's almost as if writing fiction becomes writing history instead. As if I am documenting something that actually happened in real locations, with real people and real personalities. Changing my approach to writing in this way is allowing changes in the story to happen when and where they need to. As a result, everything feels more fluid and more believable. I'm the type of person that prefers most creative projects to be mapped out in detail. This holds true for anything from putting up Halloween decorations to making an elaborate cake (yes, I do that too) and the final product typically looks very much like my initial sketch. No, I do not sketch up everything (like Halloween decorations), but even the initial idea in my head is typically very close to the final product. (But now that I think of sketching up Halloween decorating, hmm....). 

I initially thought this mapping-out process would hold true for writing as well, and don't get me wrong, planning is critical to the success of a good story. But, I've learned that the final story will NOT be the same as the initial one. Characters develop more personality as they are written. Storylines require more (or less) detail and back story. Sometimes, new side-stories are required to drive the narrative in a logical way, and other plot lines are removed to clean things up. Although (for me) the overall story arc should remain true to the original idea, allowing the creative process of writing to shrink and expand on its own has a way of making the story feel more real, and less written. This also ties back into one of my older posts on exposition a bit, and I am finding that a more creatively-organic writing process tends to remove much of that on its own. I'm proud of my work on In The Dark, and readers are continuing to enjoy it. But, like everything else, writing is evolution. With that, I better get back to it. Until next time, happy reading! Oh... and Happy Halloween!

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