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Story Snob

~ I suppose it's a bit of a risk for an upcoming author (who really needs support for his own stories) to admit to being a story snob, but I do believe that I have become one. See, there was time when I simply could not get enough stories. I read new books monthly (if not weekly), watched television nightly, and went to the movies at least a few times per month. At one point, I even read comic books (not necessarily the well written ones, and certainly not to the caliber in which I hear they are written these days). The fact is, stories that demand my attention have become more few-and-far-between. I like to think it's because my tastes have matured, but it's really just that - of the stories I get my hands (or eyes) on, not many of them appeal to my specific tastes. Perhaps I'm simply not looking in the right places ...or at the right time, but I've had many friends and family tell me to check out a certain show, or movie, or book. I hate to admit it, but most (if not all) of those that I actually see or read turn out to be a dud for me. I end up bailing in the middle of the television show (or after three or four episodes), quitting the book in the middle (gasp!), or begrudgingly watching the entire movie just so I can imagine how it's going to be picked apart on Cinema Sins YouTube channel (a place where they outline all the worst things about every movie).

It's certainly not that my tastes that are so eclectic, or off-the-beaten-path that people aren't making stuff I like. My two favorite television shows (really, the only two shows I care much about watching) are also the two MOST popular shows on television. So, I'm right there in the general masses with that. In my humble opinion (or, my opinion that I TRY to keep humble), there simply isn't a lot of really interesting (current) stuff that's easy to find. I'm SURE it's out there, I just have a hard time finding it. Once in a while, I stumble across (or get pointed to) a gem. I love those times. Having said all of this, if you have any recommendations for good stories (be it a book, show or movie), please (please... I beg of you) shoot me a recommendation. I'm starving for new, and good stuff. Everyone's tastes are a little different, and I lean toward stories with a hint of science fiction and a major plot twist at the end, but really... I do obsess over any well written story.

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