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Only Four Chapters Left On The First Draft Of 'LIES THAT BIND'.

~ I feel like I've been saying this for ages, but Lies That Bind is very close to wrapping up. Sure, I've got re-writes and tweaks to do here and there, but the story is almost done. Over the next few weeks, I'll be reaching out to those of you that have signed up to be Advanced Readers to get you an ARC Copy.

I appreciate your honest feedback (and of course, any pointers on where I might have mispelled something or whatever). To everyone else, I feel nothing short of honored - every single time you all have asked me about the status of this book. I remember wondering if anyone would want to read 'In The Dark', and seeing the continued inquiries about 'Lies That Bind' makes me feel a bit like a celebrity, if only in my own head.

'Lies That Bind' has been a bigger story and the scope of it has surpised even me (several times). I expected to come out with it in 2016, then this year, and it really won't print until Q1 of 2018. I hope you find it worth the wait. I certainly have.

One quick event update here: I'll be at the Authors In A Box event in Melbourne on the 9th of December. If you get a chance to come by, please do! I'd love to meet with you, and I'll be signing copies of In The Dark, alongside a long list of other authors, including a few award winning authors! For more info, check out Until next time, Happy Reading!

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