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Lies That Bind is out for editing!

I know, I know... I did announce the completion of the first draft way back in January. After that, I had the lovely and talented Anjee read it, and she loved it - BUT... she did have some recommendations.

As is the case with any advanced readers, I'm open and interested in feedback at this phase of the book, so I went back through the story, with her considerations in mind. Then I went back through the entire book again, with some of my own changes in mind. I did this several times, and although I've already gone on about the perils of analysis paralysis, I'm so much happier with the story now that I've picked over it. 

Lies That Bind is out for editing now, and while my amazing editor, Elaine York does her thing, I'm also putting out one more call for Advanced Readers. It might be a bit odd to do both of these things at once, but I'm simply too far behind my own internal deadline to put things in an order of dependancy. Lastly, a first draft copy is being give to my cover artist, Shawn Garret, so be on the lookout for a cover that's sure to impress!

Until next time, happy reading! 

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