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'Lies That Bind' (first draft) is 100% done!

~ It’s almost midnight here in Florida, and I just wrote the very last page of the first draft of Lies That Bind. This is my second novel, and (for me) the feeling of typing in those last few words is one of grand satisfaction mixed with a little bit of sadness. 

I've been working with this story, and these characters for about a year and a half, and letting them go isn't my favorite part of writing. But, getting the story in front of people like you most certainly is.

My biggest supporter (also my personal assistant, original proof-reader, and all-around Wonder Woman) is currently reading the draft, and helping me to fix the obvious flubs before handing it off to my ARC copy group to do the same.

From there, I'll hand off to my editor, and after that (that is, after she makes me rewrite a bunch of stuff), it'll be ready to print! 

In between all of that, and as I mentioned in my last post, I'll be working with my artist on the cover. 

I'll likely be droning on about this book ad nauseam, and I hope you'll pardon the blasting of information. I can't sell without marketing, and YOU all are the best marketing team ever. I can't thank you enough for your continued sharing of "In The Dark".

I hope you enjoy "Lies That Bind" even more. 

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