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"Knock Knock." "Who's There?"

Observation: Most successful people never stop hustling, even after they have achieved massive amounts of success. It's almost as if the mentality that paves the way for success is something that cannot be turned off, once it's achieved. I love that.

I was recently on the radio again, promoting 'Lies That Bind' (and 'In The Dark'), and towards the end of the interview, I said something about "...once the millions come in". I suppose this could've come off as me being arrogant, or maybe it seemed as if I were just joking. But neither would be true. See, I believe that success can only come once you've truly acknowledged that it will. What is success? Well, that's defined differently for each of us.

For me, success in writing comes in stages. I feel a sense of success, having even written one book. More so now with two books, and people wanting to read it (and also those enjoying it) count as BIG success markers to me. To me, being grateful for what you have is a fundamental.

However, I also know that I will be wildly successfully, financially speaking - as it relates to writing. That's a bit of a bold thing to say, and it almost feels weird typing it out just now. But it also serves to affirm it, and it could not happen without my affirming it. There's no arrogance there, but rather, me putting the wheels in motion.

How do you define success? Have you achieved it yet? Do you intend to achieve more of it? If you aren't yet where you want to be, what's your plan to make that happen? Remember, without a plan, a goal is just a dream.

Opportunity knocks, sure. But not if you're sitting on the coach, waiting for it. Opportunity only knocks if you invite it over.

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