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It’s All Fine and...

Crazy busy.

That's two words I'd use to describe the past 30-45 days of my life.

It's all great stuff, and I'm thankful, humble, and certainly not complaining. Having said that, it's still been crazy busy.

I've reached out to our local Barnes and Noble to get a book signing setup. More updates on that as soon as I get movement there.

I've also gotten great feedback from readers, re: Lies That Bind. I really do hate to ask for reviews, but these help my sales more than anything else. So, if you're reading this, and you have not yet reviewed the new book, I would really appreciate a review. Regardless, I hope you've enjoyed the book!

I'll be attending a couple of local book club signing events in the coming months. More details on this to follow as well.

Lastly, I started a podcast with my gf, Anjee. It's titled "It's All Fine and Danjee" so, if you're into podcasts, check it out! (available on Apple and Google Podcasts apps, Spotify, and even Youtube).

It's about health, happiness, community and pop culture (not solely about books and writing, but we do have a month coming up with local authors, an editor, and a cover artist as guests).

Until next time...

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