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Finding the Indies

~ Now that I've written a book (and I'm promoting it myself, as an independent author), I'm eager to read books from other indie authors, and to promote the works of those that I enjoy. I'm finding that there’s an enormous amount of books out there that I've never seen (or even heard of, for that matter). I've done some digging and found a few sites that promote indie authors and I'm sharing them here:


Indie Reader list is short, but these indie authors are either on the New York Times Bestseller lists, or USA Today Bestsellers.


Indie Author News site has a very current list of indie authors and books, as well as interviews, self-publishing and writing tips.


GoodReads Indie Authors to Watch is always a good source for what to read next. This link specifically lists hot indie authors.


Amazon Best Selling Indie Authors (for Kindle)'s own list of their best selling indie authors. The list is specific to Kindle sales, but many of these are also for sale in paperback. This list is updated hourly.

As a fellow book-nerd, I still get a sense of excitement when I start down the road of a new book. The challenge (for me, at least) is actually finding one that grabs my attention early on, and then keeps it. Finding a book that's also written by an indie author adds another level of joy for me, because I feel like indie artists profit more (not necessarily monetarily) from the attention, and I'm excited to become an active part of that community.

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