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Edits. Edits. Edits.

There's really no other way to say it. Editing is my least favorite part of writing. 

Editing is certainly a necessary step in writing, and I learned so much the first time around (with 'In The Dark'). Editing verifies that everything actually makes sense, that the plot moves along nicely, and that the book isn't littered with typos and such.

Making sure the story is cohesive and paced properly is critical to a good book, and as I trudge through the first round of edits on 'Lies That Bind', I'm realizing something else - it ALWAYS takes longer than expected. 

I'm starting to hone in on release dates for 'Lies That Bind', and I suspect it will come out in late April or early May. In addition to my own website and Amazon/Kindle, it will also be coming out on iTunes (for iPhone and iPad), and at Barnes and Noble's website (for Nooks). At the same time, 'In The Dark' will become available from all of these locations too. 

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