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Edits are done!

.. Ok, so that might have been a tiny bit of clickbait. But the reality is, I have finished the edits  - and I've sent 'Lies That Bind' back to my editor for review/comment.

While this technically does not mean that the book is 100% done, it does mean that the majority of the edits have been completed, and it's all about polishing any remaining details from here on.

Short version = the book is truly almost finished. 

This one is taking me a lot longer than expected. I've had to make a few budgetary decisions as well (I'll be drawing up the first edition cover myself). All of this has added to the time its taking to put things together, and while I could go on about my current home renovations, family/kids/other work taking up so much time.. that's all irrelevant when people ask me "Where is your next book?!".

I'm continuously caught off guard by being asked that, and I'm honored that anyone is eager to read it. (I do think you're going to love it, though).

In any case, we're in the home stretch now... I'll send updates again soon.  


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