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Create. Sell. Rinse. Repeat.

~ I've been reading a lot about how to market as an independent author. The more I read, the more interesting I find this concept. See, I've never written anything to get rich, or really even to make any money. As cliché as it sounds, I needed to write. Throughout my life, I felt like I just wanted to put stories down on paper, and so I did. The idea of others reading them was always a desire, but never a requirement for me. In fact, I've written many things that have never been read by anyone. I knew that there was always the possibility that I'd never share any of my writing, because the need was met just by the act of doing it.

This probably sounds a little crazy to those that can't relate, and from a certain perspective, I could agree. But think of it like this: Have you ever done anything that was solely for you? I like to think that I'm a selfless person on some level, and I have a tendency to put those that I care about first. Even so, we all need to sometimes do things just for ourselves. Maybe it's taking a trip, or a day at the spa, or a gadget, or a new car. Whatever it is, it needs to be about YOU. For creative types, this often comes from the act of creating something. That is: the act itself, not what happens to the creation after that. 

The further I’ve headed down the road of making writing into a business, the more exciting it gets, yet still not necessary (from a creative perspective). That is, until it’s given it a little more thought. Even if you’re the ‘creative purist’ type and feel that your expression of art is enough, it still makes good sense to make money from it. At the very least, the income you receive from selling your art could help to cover some of your creative expenses (paper, pens, computer, art supplies, musical instrument, etc.). If you end up making a full career out of it, it will give you the freedom to quit your day job and then create things full time. All in all, making money from your creations only allows the ability to create more. On that note, I’m off to promote my upcoming novel “In The Dark” (available next month - in paperback and digital format/ebook on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and this website). Subscribe to this page to get updates on release dates, and to pick up a copy. It'll keep you up at night. Cheers!

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