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Book Launching in 5...4...3...

~ It's launch week for my upcoming book "In The Dark", and while I'm super excited to get the book into everyone's hands, I'm also learning the pain that is first time publishing for a new author. The process of uploading digital books is not well defined, and there were many snags to be had along the way (especially as it relates to the differences between Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Apple).


In any case, we are a mere FIVE days from launch date of the book! It will be available here on in paperback (optionally signed), Amazon in e-book (for Kindle), iBooks (for iPad/iPhone/Mac) in ebook, and Barnes and Noble (for Nook Readers) in ebook.I'll include links to the purchase pages on all of these sites on launch day (April 30th).

Remember, signed copies are only available here at (shameless plug within a plug).

I've started getting reviews in from Advanced Reader Copies and I'm so incredibly thankful and thrilled at responses. Everyone seems to really enjoy the book, and I'll post reviews here on soon. (Reviews coming to Amazon/GoodReads/etc. soon as well).

Stay tuned here for news on the book launch (including possible book signing events... I'm still debating that), as well continued random posts about books, reading, and various nerdy stuff.

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