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There are a million and one articles, books or shows about the importance of balance in work/home life. Like anything, too much "weight" on one end of the spectrum can cause a shift away from everything else. For people like me (mildly obsessed with anything I find a real interest in), this can get tricky. 

I'll never understand when people say things like "I'm bored" or "there is nothing to do".

If I could stop all future projects (personal and professional) and just attend to the ones I already have, I'd be busy for the next six least. 

I also don't understand writer's block. I have a growing pile of ideas, and although many of them are just snippets - some are full-blown stories. I'm already considering making my third, fourth and fifth books a series. 



But, back to the balance for a moment: I'd hoped to have 'Lies That Bind' ready for print by now, yet it's not. My day-job has been quite demanding lately, and time I normally spend writing in the early morning hours or later at night has been spent taking care of other business instead. I've certainly lost some of my balance here.  

I've made the first round of edits, and I'm now making my very last pass through before I hand off to my advanced/proof reader group. I'll need to tighten the deadline a bit here, so I'll only have a couple of weeks to get feedback and edits from this group before I hand off to my editor. (If you're in my ARC group, I'll be pushing to get edits back within two weeks of launching the ARC copy).  I'll also be handing off to my cover artist during the Advanced/Proof Reader group review. 

I fully expect the book to start printing in May, and I'm pushing hard for that. 

To those of you that have been asking, I sincerely appreciate your support.

Your excitement to read 'Lies That bind' drives up my excitement to get it to you! 

Soon, I promise! 

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