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Analysis Paralysis

Remember that time I announced that my new book was coming soon, then four months passed and I was still editing it? Yep, me too. Good times.

Yes, I'm referring to my second novel 'Lies That Bind' (which I announced in January as being "done except for edits"). 

The excitement that comes from writing that last chapter of a book is hard not to share, but I'm learning that maybe it's not the best time to announce the new book as 'coming soon'. 

I'm continuously humbled every time someone asks me when the new book is coming, but I also feel a bit guilty. Like, maybe it's taking too long. The reality is, I've been juggling other responsibilities while going through 'Lies That Bind' with a fine toothed comb. I'm really happy with this story, and I sincerely think you're going to love it. But I'm also very critical of most stories, and this couldn't more true than when I'm reading my own work.

I'm proud of 'In The Dark' and I think it's a great read, but (like most authors), whenever I read an excerpt from it, I want to change the way it's written. For Lies, I'm trying my best polish this story up until I can read it without feeling that way. There's a fine line between 'putting forth your very best work' and 'overanalyzing things until you can't complete them (analysis paralysis)'. But, I can honestly say that I'm over 50% complete with my final edit (which is truthfully my third pass through the book). From there, it will go to proof readers, then to my awesome editor. 

Stay tuned. It is coming, as soon as possible! 

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